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PARK CITY, Kan. — Simply Hygiene is excited to announce its brand launch. The organization provides essential hygiene products to shelters, schools, pantries, and other community partners.

“We are a fulfillment center for hygiene essentials,” said Executive Director Megan Kice. “Our partners communicate what they need, and we fill their orders. Those partnerships allow us to keep items such as toothpaste, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and feminine products in constant circulation for people in need.”

Serving the greater Wichita area, Simply Hygiene benefits from the generous support of corporate sponsors, individual giving, and grants.

“We’re so grateful to our donors, patrons, and volunteers for continuing to empower us so we can empower others,” Kice said.

Kice and her team chose the name “Simply Hygiene” because it conveys the brand’s fundamental purpose and simple approach to making a positive impact.

“We make it easy to engage with our mission,” Kice said. “One of the ways businesses support us is by hosting hygiene drives. We deliver the collection barrels and pick them up after the drive. Then we sort and distribute the items from our facility.”

Simply Hygiene’s website promotes more ways for members of the community to get involved. Opportunities include volunteering, becoming a sponsor, and making monetary donations. People can also donate hygiene products at drop-off locations in Wichita, Park City, Andover, and El Dorado.

Featuring the initials “SH,” Simply Hygiene’s logo incorporates shapes resembling bubbles and sparkles. The design evokes cleanliness, happiness, and optimism.

The color palette consists of fresh, vibrant hues. Each one has special meaning. Navy instills trust in the organization; green stands for health and hope through hygiene; pink signifies compassion for people in need; and sky blue represents a limitless commitment to hygiene charity.

Simply Hygiene’s mission is to empower people with essential hygiene products that promote health and hope. Its vision is a community where access to basic hygiene leads to greater wellness and opportunities for everyone.

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