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About Simply Hygiene

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We created our hygiene mission to help restore health, hope, and dignity to people within our community.

Did you take a shower this morning? Did you brush your teeth? How clean would you feel if you didn't have access to toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, or soap?

Regardless of circumstance, everyone deserves to feel clean and empowered through personal hygiene. With your donations, you can help families and individuals in need receive hygiene essentials not covered by government assistance.

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Outreach partner testimonials

"We've witnessed the weight of worry lift when patients leave our office with hygiene products they otherwise could not afford."

Project Access

"This program has allowed us to help families with basic necessities in a way that hasn't been possible before."

St. Joseph Catholic School

"Simply Hygiene's support has strengthened our ability to be a source of stability for others."

Dear Neighbor Ministries


Megan Kice

Executive Director

Tammy Conn

Director of Finance & Operations

Sarah Mathews

Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Kelli Conover

Volunteer Coordinator

Board members

  • Kara Anderson
  • Steve Becker
  • Jami Bulloch
  • Tom Dondlinger
  • Cindy Grunewald
  • Cooper Hanning
  • Megan Kice
  • Donnis McPhaul
  • Matt Miller
  • Andy Nolan
  • Kim Rippel
  • Lee Ritchie
  • Zackary Steffen
  • Andrew Thengvall
  • Dyan Thornton

What we do

Simply Hygiene currently distributes to over 170 schools and 70 organizations in the greater Wichita area, providing over 77,000 people access to hygiene essentials each month. We have distributed over 5 million products so far.

We distribute free hygiene products through a consistent monthly ordering process. We also work with nurses, teachers, social workers, counselors, administrators, and police officers to determine how Simply Hygiene can best serve children and adults in our area.

Access to hygiene products can bring respect, equity, and overall well-being to our communities. Now more than ever, we are committed to our mission of empowering people with essential hygiene products that promote health and hope.

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